The Outdoor Learning Project Committee of School Council is getting ready to launch a campaign to create an Outdoor Learning Project. 

Mission of the Project: To create an outdoor space for learning, play & innovation where students will connect with each other and nature.

We will be seeking out grant funding, corporate donations, individual donations and also do some fundraising events to raise money for this project.

More information will be shared at the Nov. 19, 2019 School Council Meeting at 6:30 PM. A business plan for this project will also be released on this website on the School Council page.

We have engaged in an inquiry project with some classes in the school to gain design ideas for the project from our students. Some students will be chosen to give presentations to our Landscape Designers to help them develop a plan for the project.

Our hope is to phase in the installation of the design plans over the next 5-8 years with construction of at least one phase every summer prior to school re-opening each fall. Your contributions and support to this project are greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for more information about how you can make a donation to this project.

Principal: Lee Anne Andriessen

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