Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year at Chicopee Hills!


Hey Charger students and families!  We are excited to be welcoming you back to another amazing school year of learning and growing together at Chicopee Hills.  Our staff have been working hard to get ready to welcome our students on Tuesday, September 6th.


First things first – the question on every student’s mind – who will my teacher be?


Due to ongoing challenges related to the cyber incident that our School Board experienced over the summer, we are unable to update School-Day information to reflect current student information. 


As a result, we will be unable to use School-Day as the method of communicating class lists and teacher assignments to our families prior to the first day of school. In addition, we will be unable to utilize School Day for the completion of information.


Another challenge related to getting our new student information system back online is that some teachers are able to access student contact information and some are not.  We apologize for the inconsistencies and are working diligently to do our best to communicate directly, by phone, with as many families as we can before Tuesday, but the reality is that some teachers still do not have access to student contact information and we do not know if they will get access before the first day of school.


As a result:

  • Teacher assignments will NOT be available on School-Day as has been the case for the past few years
  • Some teachers will have access to their students’ contact information and will call families directly 
  • Some teachers will not have access and, unfortunately, students in those classes will not receive calls from their teachers
  • Support staff will be available on Tuesday morning on the school yard, wearing vests so they are easily identifiable, with student lists to assist you with locating your child’s class lineup
  • Teachers will have signs indicating where they and their class is lining up
  • We will leave no one behind and there will be staff members outside until every student has found their class regardless of how long that takes


With a little teamwork I know that the Chicopee Hills community can go “old school” with this start up and get everyone where they need to be safely and happily on Tuesday morning.  Remember, it is normal to feel a little nervous about coming back to school after a break.  We apologize if these difficulties have contributed to that this year.  We will be here for your child and your family on Tuesday morning and we will work together.  


Back to School Forms

Due to the lag in getting School Day up and running, the electronically submitted forms that we ask you to complete at the beginning of the school year will be delayed.  Once forms are available on School Day we will send a communication to the community.


Chicopee Hills Public School Student and Family Handbook

Click the link above to view the new 2022-2023 CHPS Student and Family Handbook including our new Chicopee Hills Public School Code of Conduct.  This is an important resource for new and returning students and families alike.