• Goodwill Committee: This committee reaches out to our families who may be struggling for different reasons like experiencing illness in the family, or financial difficulties or other challenges.  The school identifies things that a family might need and informs the committee of these needs. This information is provided with no family names attached and the privacy of families is respected.
  • Safe Caring Inclusive Schools Committee: This is a mandatory committee that all schools are required to have. The committee must have parent representation. This committee works together to look at school data in terms of school climate and well-being. The committee contributes to the School Improvement Planning process to improve the well-being of staff and students. 
  • Fundraising Committee (Short Term Projects): This committee will be working on fundraising to support short term fundraising goals. This committee will design and work on fundraising projects for the school which are dedicated to Home Reading purchases.
  • Travel Planning Committee: This committee will explore solutions to make travelling to and from Chicopee Hills Public School safe for our students and families. This committee has been instrumental in implementing many initiatives to encourage our school community to find alternatives to driving to and from school. This committee works together with a representative from Student Transportation Services for Waterloo Region, Leslie Maxwell.