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2019-20 School Year Calendar.pdf

Bell Times: 9:10 AM to 3:30 PM 

Supervision is available for students from 8:55 to 9:10 in the morning outside and from 3:30 to 3:45 PM in the afternoon outside. Please note that parents/guardians are responsible for supervising students when supervision is not provided by the school. (Ex. before 8:55 PM or after 3:45 PM).

Parents are responsible for supervising Kindergarten children until 9:10 for hand to hand transfer of students for safety purposes.


11:10 to 11:50

1:20 to 2:00

First Day Routines

Gr. 1-8 Meet us on the Turf Field. Line up with your class.  (If it rains, students will enter the gym to organize into classes.)

We will do a brief welcome, a little cheer and sing O Canada before we go into the school.

Kdgn: Meet at the Kdgn doors. Make sure your JK student has their Name Tag with Name, Teacher and Class on it.

Exit/Entry Doors

Turf Side Door: Gr. 1-6

Cottages: Individual Doors

Back Door: Gr. 7-8

Side Parking Lot Door: Kdgn

Chicopee Hills Composition

2019-2020 JK-SK to Gr. 8  (Estimated enrollment of 750 students)

Back to School Shopping: Please see the list of suggested supplies. Please note that parents are not required to purchase all items.

School Supplies List – Chicopee Hills PS (1)

Parent & Student Handbook 

For more information about our school routines and expectations, please click here for the Parent & Student Handbook. 


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Fun Facts about Chicopee Hills Public School:

  • 3 floors
  • double gym
  • School Hours: 9:10 AM to 3:30 PM
  • 7 portables
  • neutral tones in the interior with some bright accent colours
  • approximately 750 students from JK-Gr. 8
  • fully accessible with an elevator
  • Green Screen Room for filming
  • Makerspace Equipment in Learning Commons
  • Instruction is based on Inquiry Based Learning

Nutrition Programs:

Elementary School Nutrition Services (ESNS) will be providing food services to our school. Information for parents to order food will be given in the September Start Up Package. Food can be purchased and ordered to be available to students at first break (11:10 am) starting on Monday, Sept. 18. All menus and foods meet the Ontario nutritional standards. See the menu schedule below for what will be available.

Mondays: Beverages (milk, chocolate milk, juices)

Tuesdays: Beverages and Snacks (apple chips, popcorn, cookies)

Wednesdays: Beverages and Pizza

Thursdays: Beverages & Special Food Menu: Subs, Pitas, Pastas

Fridays: Beverages & Snacks

All food orders and payments will only be accepted online. All food must be pre-ordered in advance following the schedule that is outlined by ESNS.


For information about Kindergarten please see the link below for key information that parents may need. This information was shared during our Kindergarten Registration Process. 

Kindergarten Key Information 2019


Walking School Bus Link

This link will allow you to register your child to be a part of the walking school bus during the 2019-20 school year. Elementary school children will walk to school together accompanied by adult volunteers. All adult volunteers have been screened prior to taking this position.


Chicopee Hills Trailblazers 

The Trailblazer program teaches older students to be confident and competent walkers and lends visibility to all students on foot. By creating a visible active commute, the program also provides great examples for families who drive and brings peace of mind to parents who want their children to be equipped and supported on the walk to school.

Trained Trailblazers are simply asked to wear a traffic safety vest and to walk a “preferred route” to school. They do not pick up students, they are not responsible for babysitting smaller children, and they are not expected to save lives. They are expected to set a responsible example, to know safe walking procedures, and to be welcoming of all other students who elect to walk with them.

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